Home is both a framework and a concept that includes language, food, custom, habit, and the many interpersonal connections we form during our time there.  When we leave, pursuing our own life paths, we carry that framework with us. We change the world with our very presence in it.  Through us, an unbroken network of other lives exists in our own Present.  There are many ways to chronicle the human experience.  Mine is set in the context of experiencing other places as one who identifies as a Southern woman, complete with all the oddity that entails.

What began as a way to examine the Human Experience has, to some extent, flowered awkwardly into a rather Generalist account.  Here, you’ll find memoir, silly stories about family, examinations of political and social issues, poetry, reflection on the craft of writing, and scraps of prose.  It’s not what I originally intended, but it is appropriately reflective of my outlook, my personality.  While I’ve my share of experience in the realm of scholarly work, as well as fiction and non-fiction writing, I am–at my core–a diarist.  It is the way I chronicle this Journey.


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