Worlds that Never Were: Imagination, Intelligence, and Education

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve moved. If you’d like to continue following my blog and being followed in return, come visit my new digs. The new space is dedicated to the same sense of inquiry that evolved over the years, here, but with a more cohesive mission.

The Phoenix and the Coffee Cup

I recently finished grading and submitting records for another semester.  My role is small.  I only teach a couple of sections of Introduction to Anthropology for a local university.  And yet, I see what I do as important–not just for my students, but for me as well.  Learning is not a finite process, restricted to a specific location or a particular building.  It goes on as long as we do, and when it stops, we may as well throw in the towel, because what follows is a long, dim corridor of heartbeat and breath and boredom.

How “Education” is Killing Us

That may seem like a dramatic statement, and in the short term, it is.  In the long view, however, you might come to see things from my perspective.  Much of my year is given over wholly to crafting lessons and lectures, interfacing with students, and reading their attempts at…

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