In Bare Feet

x-ray-of-nautilus-bert-myers.jpgThe day collapsed in upon itself

An exhausted skin of heat and humidity

Freckled with the promise of mosquito bites.

In the dusk my toes wriggle, pale punctuation

To tendons, bones, and high arches–

Two calloused statements about the way the world seems.


Cicadas burr in hot darkness, and I remember. 5540251_f520.jpg

I feel it, a pressure like grief, lodged and stubborn

A bloom of remembered pain in my chest.

I chose to open the gates to this.  I let the sea come in.

I did not know what I was doing, what I cannot undo.

There is only moving forward, this multitude–

I is not I anymore, but the entire tangled planet of Us.


Bare feet planted in the pricklish grass, I look west.

But my sight bends north like the needle of a compass.  I let the sea come in.

It floods me with emotions for which I have no name.  For the first time

kintsugi-cover.jpgChaos is welcome,  relinquished control.  I am hopelessly fragile, fractured, healed badly.

Breaking this shell is the only way to set it right again.  Breaking the illusion of strength

Is the only way to be more. To be free.




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