How I Wake 

Hours of thought

Jet beads and tiny pyrite nodules.

I ask myself and have been


How do I wake up in the morning,

Knowing what I know

Our planet fed up

An only home

With feeding and sheltering

Our upstart

Interval species?


How do I wake up,

Knowing what I do

About the history

Of political bonfires


Like human stupidity

Comes in many flavors.

But underneath it’s

All ice cream. The ingredients

Tweaked for tastes and time.


I wake up, knowing

That fear and hate

Won the moment,

Mine as much to blame

As those who beat to death

A Saudi student in a northern state.

As much, because I did not listen.

I shouted down and shamed

Those desperate for Change

A reverse. A comforting regression.


I wake up knowing.

That it may all be too late.

My neverborn children may inherit

A cinder scorched by petulant ire

Or a dying world.

Earth. Telling us to

Find our own food. She’s not

Nursing us anymore.


But I wake knowing that

We’re also given a span of time

To make what we will

And we can choose

To make what we have,

The Now,

As best and bright.

We can use two hands. Two eyes.

We can listen and Show Up

For each other.

We have to.

We just have to.


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