Paradigms: a poem

The leaping is only the first step.
Not a conquering of fear, 
But the acceptance that 
Different rules now apply.

Fear is just the flag of mortality
Snapped before our eyes
To distract and derail our motion

Lately, I am sometimes seized
By the deep stillness, 
The taught and piercing awareness
That only the truly wild affect. 

I turn, seeking the source 
Of this magnetism that calls 
Every atom of my existence,
In polar unison to attend.

And I am taken, absorbed,
Robbed of adequate language
To describe this sense
Of an unknowable Fate

Rolling like a force of the Universe
Ready to obliterate all that I am
All that is familiar and sane
This Self Cage. 

Even so, another pair of eyes 
Within me sees and knows
That this tectonic shattering
Is essential. 

Continents are born
Only as an aftermath. 
A cosmic balance sheet
Of entropy and rebirth.


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