Dingo, Back in the Social Media Saddle

It’s been months since I talked about my little book of essays.  I took time off from self-promotion because my life needed maintenance more than my personal Twitter feed.  I’m not implying that my online relationships aren’t important to me.  Each of you is vital, and has, at one point or another, provided invaluable emotional support.  IMG_1231But one must eat.  So, I took a few months away from doing what I enjoy to pound the pavement and find a job, to care for Sally, the inspiration for one of my most ambitious books to date, and generally find my balance.

When I returned fully to my virtual life, I saw that I’d sold no books.  Not one.  No poetry.  No essays.  No short stories.  Because I’m the only one on my PR team.  Many of us are in the same boat, and I can’t say I was shocked. But I was disappointed, especially in the case of No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should, because I put a great deal of effort into writing the essays that fill it.  I had abandoned it.  As every writer knows, realizing that comes with a sense of guilt.


A Free Read Weekend

IMG_1229In order to try and reestablish my online presence and to reintroduce my work to the virtual reader communities, I decided I’d put my dog essays up for a free weekend on Amazon.  Until midnight (somewhere) Monday morning/Sunday night, it will be free to download.  I hope that those of you who’ve not already picked up a copy for your own enjoyment will do so.

Accompanying this free weekend offer is a two-fold thought.  I would like to solicit reviews on either Goodreads or Amazon.  They need not be lengthy or deeply considered if you haven’t time.  I would love a simple rating and a single sentence if that’s all you can do.  But please, review the book.  Those of my friends who are not authors will not quite grasp the ultimate importance of the review.  They matter.  They determine, in large part, the Amazon ranking and how willing the site is to mention a book.  Plus, I’d like to know if you enjoyed it, and yes, even what you think might have been done better.


Updates, Upgrades, and Media

The second part of my thought process that went with the free offer is that I’m considering reworking and adding to the book.  It does need a bit of work, and there are additional stories I’d like to tell.  Plus, I’d like to submit it to a publishing house in the proper sense.  There can be no harm in shopping it around, since I’m unlikely to saddle an agent with the task of finding it a new home.  It is a beginning.  It is something I still need to think about and research, but that I’d eventually like to try.  That’s something to work towards in the coming year, but not immediately important.


imageI invite those of you who have yet to read the essays to do so free of charge.  It would be lovely if you could also review the work on the platform of your choice–Amazon makes it simple, but Goodreads is also a useful venue.  I thank you in advance, and I hope your weekend is a restful one.  You can find the book here.







3 thoughts on “Dingo, Back in the Social Media Saddle

    1. Thank you so much for your interest! Unfortunately, the offer ended on Sunday night/Monday morning. I’m only allowed so many free days with KDP. The essay collection is usually priced at $4.99. However, I’ll be sure to post far in advance the next time I have a free span. I know that not everyone can afford to buy books on a whim.

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