Silent Spring Redux: Our Problem With Control and the Environment

After dodging yards with warning signs posted and holding my breath to escape the chemical fumes during a walk with Sally, this repost seems apt. Please think twice before applying pesticide, herbicide, and even high-powered, synthetic fertilizers to your outdoor space. It matters, perhaps more than you understand.

Being Southern Somewhere Else

Results-3_Field-Sparrow_Bill-HubickWhen I was a young girl, my mother took great care not only to instruct us to be mindful about the natural world, but to live her instruction.  Before you start having some sort of Wavy Gravy fantasy about Earth Mothers in broomstick skirts–my mom is a pre-school teacher. She could easily be confused for a modernized June Cleaver. She has a thing for cookies and shares a brain with our family dogs.  But before I could even read, Rachel Carson was a part of my life.  Silent Spring influenced my mother, who talks to her plants and the “outdoor pets” in the same way she talks to toddlers.

So, let’s talk about our cultural obsession with controlling the environment and how my upbringing has shaped the alarm with which I view several developments over the past three years.  Below, I’ll cover several themes, all of which I see as…

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