The Bitter End: Last Gasps of a Donation Initiative

It’s down to the final two weeks in my fundraiser to assist Ahimsa House. They provide shelter and care for the pets of individuals fleeing abuse, and help those individuals create a safe home for their pets once they’re back on their feet. To date, I’ve drawn $45 in royalties, total. That means I have less than $25 to offer the hard working folks at Ahimsa House.

It’s really hard not to be disappointed. Yes, I send my profound thanks to each person who purchased a copy of my book, shared a tweet or Facebook post, or reblogged an entry about the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. That means so much to me, and I don’t want to devalue your contribution.

But I won’t lie and say I wasn’t expecting more. I was. I thought people wanted to assist in making the world a better place. I thought they were glad to see what I was doing. They said so. Hence its difficult for me not to use language that sounds a great deal like a guilt trip.

Saying you’ll show up and changing your mind at the last minute isn’t always enough, and certainly doesn’t constitute valid action. What it does is provide an individual with the comforting simulacrum of personal goodness. It does nothing to change the world for the better; in fact, it often silently bolsters those who abuse others. It is a form of Silence when speech, action, and mindfulness are demanded.

There, I’m done. I’ve honestly attempted to offer information to any who cared to look. I have done my best with this initiative, although I truly feel like crying when I see the paltry sum I’ve scraped together. Therefore, I’m throwing in the towel. This is the last entry that will treat with the initiative. I’ve posted my last tweet and Facebook post about it, also.

I’ll be giving all the royalties drawn from the sale of the book for the last two months, because I’m too ashamed to offer $22. They might as well get it all. Thanks again to those who helped. We tried, and at the end of the day, that’s all any of us can do.image.jpeg


One thought on “The Bitter End: Last Gasps of a Donation Initiative

  1. It might be disappointing, yes… But, woefully and as far as I know from other writers, sales are not good for them either…
    I guess, -and sorry of this sounds like a truism- that what counts is the intention … I believe your contribution is bigger than you might think… All my best wishes. Aquileana ★🎇 ~

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