Friday: The Thirteenth Question, with E.W. Sandlin

Michael provided an opportunity for me to talk about a cause that’s important to me–assisting victims of domestic violence. My project to benefit Ahimsa House is a way in which I can use the skills I have to make a difference where I am, now. It’s small, but it highlights the Helpers. A victory for one is a victory for all, and I hope this will inspire others to do good in their states or regions.


Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know the formidable polymath and activist-author, E.W. Sandlin. Ms. Sandlin is the author of two poetry collections, The City Beyond the Ninth Wave: Poems for Healing and the Sometimes Lonely and A Thirst for Light: Poems of Eroticism, Dedication, and Desire, and the short novel Petit Fours from the Pie Hole: It’s For Your Face Hole. Her blog, Being Southern Somewhere Else, is an eclectic collection of essays on social and cultural issues of import, and she is the author of the essay collection No One Has Such a Dog, And No One Should: Collected Canine Essays. Her recent efforts to put a spotlight on issues of social injustice such as homelessness, domestic violence and animal rights, first brought her to my attention in 2015, and I quickly became an ardent fan.

EW_SandlinIn her own words:

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