The Adventure in a Little Yes

For a little while
A week, ten days,
Who knows–

I think I’ll make
My bywords those
Of assent, agreement, yes.

By and by, I’ve found,
If I had to make an educated guess,
My life hemmed in by No

As a process of leaner years,
Of deprivations, nothing left to show,
And I feel it’s time to break

With patterns learned through fear
That tomorrow’s meal or love
Would be spent carelessly today.

So, yes to challenges and
Invitations small or large.
Yes to what today will bring.

A week, ten days, perhaps.
Who knows what difference
A little word will make?



7 thoughts on “The Adventure in a Little Yes

  1. Oh yes! But!
    It can sometimes leave you in a pickle always saying yes in a trice,
    it can make you a martyr in it’s self not very nice.
    Instead, a considered opinion one that fits in best
    Is to measure if it would be better, if you said no and yes… less.

  2. I’ve come to a similar place, realizing that “no” only means a diminishing of the joys left undiscovered, while trying to avoid pain. I’m not going to say “yes” to *everything*, mind you. There are some things I think are just stupid. But like you, I’m trying to put my face to the sun and open my arms (with one eye on the weirdos of the world) and greet life on its own terms. Fuck regrets.

  3. Your poem made me think of a time about 7 years ago when an aunt of mine told me that she always tried to say yes more than no with or to her kids. They were all very grown, as I was at the time. It hit me that my Mom had not done that out of protecting her kids for sane reasons, right? I pondered how her approach, that I appreciate, had molded my own careful thinking and I have consciously tried to say Yes to my kids… within reason. I at least question my “No’s” , especially when I want to say No automatically. Why not is a better way for me to think of it. I’m really too careful. It’s a parental shackling.

    1. I think, when it comes to caring for another life, caution is acceptable. We need boundaries, as children. But we also need to understand why we can’t do something. I think “yes” to kids falls into the–lets climb on that jungle gym or experiment in the kitchen together. Later it becomes let’s see that risquรฉ movie and talk about it, let’s explore just beyond the boundaries established for us by adults–it becomes less about permissiveness and more about being approachable, trustworthy.

      I think many people may assume that my little scribble is about just saying yes to everything. It isn’t. It’s about an openness to consider, a welcome, and coming out of a box of No to experience life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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