The Unseen Eye: Intercranial Star Maps and the Hazards of My Regard

I wrote this far enough in the past that I’d forgotten it. Tonight, someone viewed it, so I refreshed my memory. It brings with it the deep, anchoring feeling of sentiments that still bear truth and weight. Go, me!

Being Southern Somewhere Else

The Eye, it sees.  Does it?  Or is that just a vestigial bit of linguistic habit left to us by a culture that used barbers as their primary care physicians?  Your eye is a marvel of Nature, a strange and wondrous creation–but it is not unique, and within its many photoreceptor cells, mosaic of muscles, and intricate biological machinery, the roots of all eyes are found.  Nature doesn’t throw away ideas and start from scratch.  No, it builds on the original concept, even when parts of it are outmoded or inefficient.  Because evolution is not a machine of What’s Best, but one of Good Enough.

The Funny Thing About Seeing

Eyes began as individual cells with the ability to distinguish light from dark.  These cells belonged to simple organisms that lived and died in Earth’s ancient oceans.  And the eyes with which you are reading these words were adapted over…

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