Review: Every Big and Little Wish, by E.C. Moore

I truly enjoyed this book. While it did take a bit of time for me to warm up to the main characters, I found the bulk of the narrative to be charming, complex, and compelling. I can’t claim that I’m sophisticated enough to rate Moore’s work on the basis of literary merit. Rather, she earns 4 stars because once I’d pushed past my initial discomfort with the style, I wanted to know what happened next. In my estimation, that’s the mark of a well-crafted character; I think of them as real people, experiencing legitimate crises or triumphs. <br><br>One odd note that detracted from my overall enjoyment was the direction she chose for the last quarter of the book. It takes a sharp left turn into some rather unusual events, which were difficult for me to follow or reconcile with the rest of the work. It’s not that it’s beyond the realm of possibility, or that I felt it was too dark for the projected readership. These things are quite real, and the dangers they pose legitimate. But I felt perhaps there might have been a bit more development given to this portion of the text, because it represents a tricky gear shift for the reader. <br><br>Overall, I enjoyed this title. I would recommend it for young adult readers, as well as those more advanced. It was an interesting and well-crafted dramatization of how the young in our culture are expected to adapt to very adult challenges.


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