Publication News: An Excerpt from The Pie Hole

I’d like to introduce you to at least three of the social deviants who are responsible for The Pie Hole.  Below is an excerpt, and I hope you’ll enjoy interacting with characters that have a distressing tendency to take on a life of their own.  This is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series that treats with social justice issues.  It’s For Your Face Hole introduces problems such as the criminalization of poverty and the quasi-legality of punishing those who seek to ameliorate suffering…in a snarky and humorous context.   If you enjoy it, I’ll include a link for the short story on Amazon below.


Bea stood there for a moment in dumb silence, but was brought to her senses by a round of
applause from the customers in the café.  “Did that actually just happen?”

Althea drifted behind the counter and poured two big mugs of coffee, adding cream to both and
sugar to hers.

“Yes.  And it was like watching a terrible traffic accident.” She set Bea’s coffee in front of her.
“I’m still not sure how you managed to avoid strangling that woman, but I should probably be
glad you didn’t.  Bad for business, murder is.”

Even though Al’s face betrayed no hint of humor, Bea chuckled, which turned into a full belly
laugh as the door screamed once more.  Jeanette had arrived for her afternoon shift.
“What’d I miss?”  She made her way behind the bar and looped an apron over her bright purple
hair.  As she fixed a drink for herself, she let it hang idly, swinging loosely in front of her.

“Oh, only everything.” Al let down her curly red hair, gathering it in her hands and twisting it up
more securely.  “You just barely missed Bea committing justifiable homicide on a hateful cow of
a new customer.”

“Damn it!  I never get to see the good stuff!”  She crossed her tattooed forearms under her
breasts and leaned against the counter, pouting.

Stabbing a pencil through the twisted mass of her hair, Althea mimed kicking Janette and offered
her reassurance.  “That’s okay, I’m sure there will be other opportunities to watch Bea inflict
violent injury on someone horrible who completely deserves it.  Can you mind the shop, Slick?
I’m taking her out back for a smoke break.”

Come visit The Pie Hole.  It’s a coffee shop, a book store, a place where people can truly come together, with a door that cusses whenever you open it.


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