Why it’s Important to Express Gratitude

Showing deep appreciation for those who care for you is more than our shallow social-media society has time for. It’s not a simple act of lip service, but one that allows you to experience deep moments and strong bonds with other human beings.

9009503680_4a99e0878b_zWith such busy lives and so many things to think about, expressing gratitude for the things that you have can often be the last thing on your mind. However, there are so many great reasons to do so that it is well worth remembering to include each and every day! The concept of gratitude is focused around acknowledging the positive aspects of your life – both those that other people provide and those that you create for yourself.

By making a mental note to contemplate gratitude every day, you will be opening your heart and your mind to truly appreciating the good things in your life. As well as these things, you should also make time to show gratitude for the important people who love and support you. This can take many forms. It could simply be thinking positive things about these people, telling them directly that you love and…

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One thought on “Why it’s Important to Express Gratitude

  1. Well expressed. True – we hardly show gratitude or appreciation these days that reflects in our eyes and comes straight from the heart. In a way, social media has bonded people superficially – perhaps just quantity-wise wise taking away some of the qualities of interpersonal bonding.
    That said, gratitude can also be misunderstood and seen as an indication of “distancing yourself from a friend”, or being formal and “closing the deal”. I’ve experienced this in my culture – but I don’t refrain from expressing my gratitude all the same – it’s good for my soul 🙂

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