Mermaid Sisters: First Dive, by Doug Stanfield–A Review

A WordPress friend of mine recently commented on another entry, here. I was talking about my disenchantment over my fizzled book launch. Apparently this is quite common and nothing to cry about so, I won’t. However, he related, he said. Last year he’d published a short children’s story through Apple, written and illustrated for two little daughters of a friend.

Because the iBook isn’t a broadly used format, thanks to new platforms and other electronic advancements, the book hasn’t been viewed as much as it might have been. I, of course, immediately wanted to read it, and said as much. So, he sent me a PDF to peruse. I was quite taken by this little story, so I thought I’d trot over to GoodReads and give it a review. I searched for the book. I searched for his name. Nothing. So, I added the book to the catalog–sans isbn number, etc. Then, I gave it a review, which I’ll include below. What I would love is for you to encourage Doug to reissue the story in another format or perhaps to elaborate upon the original theme. It’s well worth reading, especially for those with young daughters. I would love to see it in print.

Mermaid Sisters:First DiveMermaid Sisters:First Dive by Doug Stanfield

This was a perfectly charming story about the adventure of two sisters. Even as an adult, I was quite enchanted by its wonderful plot and imagery. It treats with the assumption of responsibility for others, affecting positive change through simple kindness and thoughtfulness, and the power of believing in yourself. While it’s currently only available through iTunes for an e-reader, I look forward to a reissue in another format. This is a perfect story for to help teach young girls about responsible curiosity.

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