A Troubled Stream From a Pure Source: Writing, Sharing, and Making Compromises.

I’ve spoken at great length about the difficulty I have with self-promotion.  I have balked at using my personal blog for that end, simply because I want to keep these spheres of my life as separate as possible.  Can they ever be truly divided, given the nature of my craft?  I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot forebear mentioning my work, my goals, my fears.  The only solution to muddying the waters of this blog is to begin again from scratch and start another, purely commercial blog.  I’m going to be real honest about that–I’m far too lazy to take that path.  So, I have to make a compromise.  I have to balance my worlds, if I want to keep all of it going, spinning, creating–run wild with that.

My Solution

I’m not going to go haring off and starting another WordPress or blogspot or whatever other sites there are.  I’d miss you all too much, and that’s a lot to ask, that you take time out of your day to come find my new site and follow it, too.  So, in the name of economy, I’m going to lump everything together.  I didn’t want to, but that seems to be the best way to go.  What I will do is announce in the headline what you’re going to be reading–Publication News being the only real deviation from my usual fare of ridiculous titles.

Publication News

In honor of my detente, I’ll announce that I’m finally putting out No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should on Wednesday of next week–9/30.  While it is available for kindle only, I’d love it if you’d come by and have a look.  I’m actually rather excited about the book in and of itself, because I’ve been threatening to write about my family’s dogs for years.  Well, I finally made good on that.  And because I know that not everyone wants to read how silly we get about our dogs, I’ve included essays about other dogs, and scholarly approaches to the subject of commensal evolution, the role of dogs in culture, and new science related to sleep, neural makeup, and social intelligence that has come from our cultural love of the Dog.

I’m proud of the work itself, and feel positive about the topic.  My neurotic insecurities can’t really touch that, any more than rationality dispels them.  So, I’ll leave those over in the corner where they fell, and do my best to press forward.  I already have other, different sorts of projects in mind, because I can’t stick to a single genre.

Find me on Goodreads or visit my Amazon page to browse my current books, score some free poetry this weekend, or check out No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should–going live this Wednesday.



4 thoughts on “A Troubled Stream From a Pure Source: Writing, Sharing, and Making Compromises.

  1. I support this approach. It’s tricky, but putting out your usual excellent original content with occasional “ads”, as the need arises, is a good compromise. A little heads-up headline is helpful. I know I won’t mind that, and sympathize with a fellow sufferer who’s trying to find and keep an audience.

    1. In the future, I plan to title any mercantile entries with “Publication News:…” And will attach appropriate tags. I assume this will make it easier for everyone to pick and choose what entries they read, although I’m not sure I’m capable of omitting pithy observations or silly thoughts from such ads entirely.

      In the upcoming week, there will likely be a flurry of such entries, clustered around Wednesday. But I’ll restrict myself to a single news entry per week otherwise. I may stretch it a bit an use this new thread to talk about things I learn about the whole process, so it won’t be entirely “buy my book” centered. 🙂

      1. I think that’s reasonable. The only blogger’s I find annoying are those who’s entire blog content is promoting their latest thing. Some people use a bludgeon where a feather is called for. I think anyone who’s into writing and publishing understands how tough it is out there, but the Internet has conditioned us all to think everything should be free. So, we’re all battling that headwind. The ones I’ve seen who manage to find the right balance sprinkle the necessary promotions in with interesting content, and make it subtle, like a really clever pool shot banking off the far bumper to nudge the 7 ball down the side to kiss the 2 into the corner pocket. Like I said, tricky. 🙂

  2. I feel this is the best way. It keeps your engagement with the reader personal. There are a great number of writers who balance this in a manner that inspire the reader to read the published works.

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