The Sugar Diaries: Type II Diabetes and Going Cold Turkey

Since I think this is more important than just me rambling, and Snackishmusings apparently fell into a hole somewhere along the way…reposted.


Technically, Day 9 is coming to a close on my current abstention from refined sugar and artificial sweetener.  This effort is more than a week old, and most would say that the hardest part is over.  For me, the initial pangs and cravings aren’t the most difficult aspect of this endeavor.  For me, the hardest work will be in keeping it up, maintaining the habit, and resisting the temptations yet to come. In light of that, I thought I’d begin a new blog thread about my experiences.  I’d also like to offer information for those who are considering it, whether you suffer from Diabetes or not.

The Drug Your Body Wants

As a species, we’re wired to seek out substances our body needs that are scarce in the natural environment.  Salt, fat, and sugar are the three things your brain has a constant BOLO listed for, because, when we were…

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