That’s a Lot of Sevens You Have There: And Now, the Challenge

A fellow writer and friend has “tagged” me in a challenge of sorts.  I had no clue that this was a thing, but apparently it is.  In the spirit of a six-year old who hates peas, I’ve elected to play along.  Mostly because he makes fun of me for not liking human interaction and being contrary when he tries to encourage my writing.  In your eye, Mike.  In your eye.


Them’s the Rules

Intended purpose: As a way to share your work and connect with other writers.  Yes, it’s a good thing.  I’m mostly dragging me feet for show.

How it works: Open your most current creative project and scroll down to page seven, line seven.  Then, write a blog sharing the next seven lines and the basic rules.  Notify seven writers that they’ve drawn the black bean.  Have a cocktail.  Have two cocktails.  Plan a trip to Vegas.  Okay, the last one is totally not a rule. I just made that up.

Since I’m writing this on WP, I can’t tag anyone.  So, I’ll leave a love note on seven of your blogs to let you know you’ve been suckered–I mean chosen.


Seven Lines from No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should

Here are my lines…

Because Jenn’s parents elected to fix her instead of Satchel when the litter years were past, she struggles with her weight. Lying in the pool of golden light that spills over the kitchen floor from the window, she looks like nothing so much as a plump pillow covered in brown lamb’s fleece. She doesn’t get around so well as she once did, you see. Allow her the prerogatives of extreme age—Sierra the Dowager, the Queen Mother. She naps, enjoys snacks when they come her way, and spins out her remaining time neither desiring nor striving. Perhaps she will attain Nirvana one day.




One thought on “That’s a Lot of Sevens You Have There: And Now, the Challenge

  1. It’s never fun until someone loses an eye…

    I don’t “make fun of you” for not liking human interaction and being contrary when I try to encourage your writing. But the correct response to an invitation to participate in a sci-fi short story contest with a $1k purse is not, “I’m not indigenous. I don’t plan on being indigenous. So who gives a crap if they’re futurists?” You have a master’s in archaeology and anthropology. Use your powers for good. 😉

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