Are You Going to Eat That?: Impertinence, Work, and Randomness

It’s Saturday, and it’s been a full week, if not in action, then in thoughts.  I’ve decided that, because I’m intractably reticent to use my personal blog as a conduit for marketable writing, I have to research templates and develop a professional website.  caff0279a8b7938549fe522dd70137d0As well, there’s been much hemming and hawing about going about drafting for my next book endeavor.  All of this, of course, sifts down into the cracks of life, rounds out the corners like drifted dust, and seems to be distinctly separate from my lived experience as far as other human beings are concerned.  The temptation to close the door, drink and eat things I know I shouldn’t, and marathon episodes of Supernatural is…almost overpowering.


A Problem of Cultural Conditioning

I’ve been playing around with the WIX free offerings, but I think my computer is actually just too old to support the necessary software to easily read and alter the templates.  It happens.  And no, I can’t just go out and buy a new computer, though that would be nice.  Someday. Maybe I’ll be able to earmark several hundred dollars to purchase a used Mac or a PC I’m comfortable with.  Until then, I’ll make do with what I have.  It still functions.  I just can’t use many programs with software that is too new.

An acquaintance asked me what was wrong with using WordPress for a professional page.  First, while I love the way my personal blog is laid out, I want a format I can’t get for free.  I want a place where I can provide links to my work, post updates about writing progress with an angle to salable copy, and be frankly, openly mercantile.  I also want to integrate habits I already keep here, like posting reviews for the work of others, offering support for artistic endeavors, etc.   This blog is my baby.  It’s where I share worries and thoughts, preferences, the work of others I deeply admire.  It’s not for sale, and I can’t bring myself to effectively mingle the two realms here.

Am I being a bit of a baby about it? Yes.  dean_pieI’m still trying to shrug my way into the skin of an openly self-promoting author, and the writer aspect that wants to hide, lurk, observe writhes a little at the prospect.  What I will write about here are my personal feelings about all of it.  When the time comes and I can set up a web page, I will post about it, and invite you all to visit.  There will be virtual coffee and pie, because that’s how we do it in the South, even in the placeless, faceless ether of the Interwebs.


Open Solicitation

My next impertinent announcement is that two of the sweetest and most wonderful people I met during my time in grad school are getting married.  In October.  I received the invite this morning via e-mail.  537689_0aebd2f6023fc3ecae53f33f75fea4fd_largeNow, I know that people who Adult well keep a reserve fund for such incidentals as unexpected weddings in Cleveland.  I don’t.  So, here, I’m hanging out my shingle.  This is the only time I’ll mention it in this forum, but since we’re on the topic of Random Impertinence–it suits.

I am openly calling for editing and creative copy writing work.  I can grade essays, ghost write, drum up sales copy, edit manuscripts and theses.  I work well and quickly.  I adjust my rubric to the type of work I do, and my rates are adjustable.  I just want to be there when my friends tie the knot and travel means spare funds.  They are so very dear to me.  This is not a request for donations, but an offer of my marketable skills.  It wouldn’t do to ask for something and give nothing in return.


Dogeared Essays

As some of you know, I’ve been furiously tapping at my keyboard for several weeks now, putting shape on my next book–No One Has Such a Dog, and No One Should.  Sometimes, I even produce whole sentences.  It’s slow-going, mostly because creative work has to stand second to the paying sort at the moment.  I’m hoping to have a nice healthy draft ready for beta readers by early in October.

If anyone would like to sign on to offer their impressions of these essays, let me know.  I’m seeking impressions about formatting–what essays feel right in which spot, how I missed the mark or hit the nail on the head with a particular essay–nothing too rigorous.  5fbcac238f9042ad5cfbe8b33b122840It’s my goal to have the final edits done and a first edition ready to put out for Kindle no later than Halloween.  At 13,000 words, I have outlines for about seven more essays, but haven’t had much time to sit still and add flesh to bare bones.  It’ll happen.  I’m already farther along than I’d hoped this time last year with my writing.  Progress is not a smooth curve.  I’ve got to hold onto that, like a paper bag in case of hyperventilation.

And we’re walking…


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