Writers make my mind crackle and fizz, crazy to quench any appetite there is

Luxuriant, luscious, liquid. Enjoy! I always love her writing.

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

Like fresh whipped cream sweetened with a loving Liqueur, your words pull me to dip two fingers into your mind. Then I hover and ooze sexual energy as I savor their journey to my mouth. Melting on contact, your words spread over my tongue and I softly swallow as a heady fragrance wriggles up into my nose, causing me to lust . More, I want more… so I lick my fingers clean and dip again. A second dollop of your richness sits full and fluffy on my fingertips. My mouth waters in anticipation of the silky translation of what you sense and feel. You must feel these things instinctually to be able to convey them so flawlessly. My body follows in punctuating rhythms. At some point, I strain to focus on where my fingers are headed to next. I have to fight the urge to smear a little of your whipped cream over my nipples…

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