Badminton Domination or Free Poetry: Your Choice

“If you love something, make it free on Amazon.”

Okay, so that’s not how that saying goes at all. The point of this post is promotion, pure and simple. Also, an elocution exercise, as you’ve just seen.

I set out my poetic wares on Amazon, and have decided that Tuesday and Wednesday are rather bland days of the week. What better way to spice them up than with some sensuous, decadent verses celebrating the complexity of the human heart? Now, I’ve made them free. You should go buy them. Right now, for no dollars.

I may cry if you don’t. I’ll get other people to cry about it, too, because I don’t like eating cookies and crying all by myself. Just kidding. It would be vodka. Not cookies.

Free. Sexy poetry. Also, a semi-scholarly article on the importance of eroticism and the role of erotic writers as bearers of the human sexual myth. With some nice points made by Joseph Campbell. So, yes. Please download it. I was saving that vodka for an emergency.

Right here is where you can download that free, sexy poetry, you saucy minx(es).






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