Divorce & mental endurance. Oooh, this CANNOT get any more enticing!

I think we underestimate the value of our own messiness, our pain–both from our own wounds and those our actions inflict. We can rest easy knowing that the Universe does not, and that it readily offers test of our resolve using elements representative of our weak points–Universal guides wear the faces of those we harbor anger for, those we have let down, those who have been closest. Push through as best you can. You may have to endure your tests if resolve alone, but you are not the only one undergoing purification, transmutation, redirection. It’s a noble company, that, and a very human one.

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

I will say that yesterday morning was one of feeling absolutely and completely incompetent as a human being, mother, and woman. I felt like a bunch of undecipherable chunks, bits and silt swishing around within a clear bottle of dirty water … all of my ingredients gargling within. The night before was the first time I stood my ground without any compassion for his ignorance or stress level. Being away has removed that cushion of compassion and tolerance. It felt good to be direct, and by the way, I was still civil, but he doesn’t care for my stern perspective, however shared, because it requires him to be accountable as a damn man. He never could take that as a man. So, I know people have limits BUT as the other parent I deal with, I have to address it. In his world, he is how HE sees he is…

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