Like Sweet Balm

The Finer Details, By Erin Sandlin

In this era when our sense of the sweet is overstimulated, glutted and abused by explosively inappropriate levels of sugary foods and flavors, I think we underestimate the healing power of of “sweet” things–emotions, actions, words–that are distanced from the sphere of the physical senses. To say that someone or something is “sweet” is usually perceived as less complimentary than it probably ought to be.

This rambling preamble is meant to convey how much I value each and every one of you who has taken the time to read, comment, indicate your appreciation of my work, and to follow this blog. Thank you, because your time and care are very sweet to me. I notice. And if I have not yet come around to return the favor, it is not for want of effort. I’m getting there! Any day now, readers, I’ll be scrolling through your work. It’s a date.


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