Calling All Humans!

This brings painfully salient points to the fore. It may also cause some to question their blind acceptance of the pro-Isreal “at all costs” attitude taken by the American mainstream media, which has caused several prominent journalists their jobs in fact or a reassignment that effectively negates their developed networks of information. Yes, politics and warfare in that area of the world are complex and deeply rooted, but to say nothing about an atrocity witnessed is to accept complicity in that atrocity. Do you want that?

Life Through A Lens


Warning Graphic Content!

How can the world accept the Israelis targeting civilians in an area which is completely shut off? There are no shelters, no early warning systems, no sirens. The population is basically completely naked to the enormously strong Israeli military machine.

Israel controls land crossings, sea and airspace around Gaza, leaving most of the 1.8 million residents with nowhere to go.

In the last few hours, in the largest city, Shujayea, has been completely flattened. Homes destroyed, whole families killed. Emergency services can’t even enter the area to save people and collect the dead as the IDF are shooting and shelling anything that moves, leaving dead bodies piling up in the streets. The hospital in the area is now over capacity, the morgue full to bursting. Residents just crawling the streets trying to find somewhere safe to stay.

This has now gone way beyond any sort of humanitarian…

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