Today (a vignette)

A beautiful meditation on the ways in which we travel without movement. I find that this gift has advantages, but also we lose something in sacrificing motion of the body and our physical experience of both travel and Place. Still, a beautiful post and well worth a read.

Sunflower Solace Farm


Today I visited Shanghai in the rain, circumnavigated the mass of people and the vibrant colors of parasols sheltering the dreams dreamt only perhaps in Mandarin, beyond my comprehension, but their beauty I can interpret without a translator.

I then traipsed from there to Lebanon, where wearied field workers rested against stacks of wheat after a day of labor. Although I have no grasp of Arabic, the spentness of hardened muscles after real work transcends any language barrier, and I felt it.

Then I traveled to the Channel Isles and dug deep into my creative stores to ponder the perfect quiche-eating scenario that my mind could envision, and discovered that fertile imagination will always transcend distance, language and culture.

I joined a miner in the Forest of Dean, a miner of the natural beauty of our planet, fast disappearing under the weight of our arrogance and hubris; and wallowed…

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