To Misogyny, They Are My Response

These women are strong.

Perhaps more than I think you realize.

They are the ones who hit the canvas and

Keep getting back to their feet.

Whatever Life hands them, they take it

And transmute it through an

Alchemy of the Spirit.

All this, while managing to retain their sweetness

Their generosity and the ability to love,

To trust and be trustworthy,

To revel in the silliness of the world.

To laugh deeply.


They hold brilliance lightly.

Resist the urge to give in

When people show them the worst

Humanity holds in its arsenal.

They know pain.

Abuse and shame have come to their doors

And been rebuffed by their refusal.

To give in, toss their towels, fold their cards.

They have seen Death and Suffering.


And yet their resilience continues.

In a way no man will ever really understand.

Because failure and anguish

The torment of hindsight

Are par for the course for everyone.

Mother. Sister. Daughter. Lover. Wife. Friend.


Worth more than you could calculate

If you had the rest of Time to figure.

In the end, they will still be standing.


Because all your violence, your rage

The inequality and injustice of the Law you make,

The blatant abuse and hatred thrown their way

Can only momentarily tarnish them.

In the end they are not History’s dupes

But the testaments of your folly

Your failure.

Your defeat.




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